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Surely one date a week for a year should unearth a diamond in the rough relationship worth polishing (as long as I remember you can’t polish a turd.) I’ll be casting a wide net: online dating, meetups, introductions via friends, family and work colleagues, dating events, big girl clubs, conferences, weekends away, weddings and networking mixers.That’s just a few on my list and feel free to add suggestions.You can manually stimulate yourself (a show he might enjoy) or reach around and stimulate his prostate. Try using a pillow or two under your butt to change how your bodies interact.This will give an average size man more access and perhaps give you a little more thrusting power as well.I do have a super secret list outlining my 50 Fat Dates quest but since I don’t kiss on the first date you’ll have to wait a while before I reveal that to you. That’s just rachet but thanks for letting me clear that up before the first date.Geez, don’t try and get into my plus size panties so soon. Any guy that goes on a date with me expecting to get all sexed up will be sorely disappointed (after I kick him in the nuts.) Because plus size dating is a taboo, because so many big girls (including me) have been told they’re ‘too fat to date,’ because I want to find out what guys really think about dating plus size women and because I need to put myself out there and date!

If he’s into it, you can also spice up missionary with your hands.He’s more likely to have clitoral contact and hit your g-spot this way and my coaching clients report that this position also keeps a bountiful belly out of the way.Special note: You can also remain on your back and your man can reverse position so that your feet line up with his face. Pick up a copy of the first African American Kama Sutra book, Soul Mates: An Illustrated Guide to Black Love, Sex, and Romance.However, I want to try something else to spice up our love life.He is totally OK with being on top but I fear that one day, he will get bored of our love life and want something more.

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