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But if you're monogamous and having cybersex with someone who's not your partner, you need to know how to tell when the line's been crossed.

Some advise that if it feels like cheating, it likely is.

"I probably have more than one piece of advice for couples," she adds.

"The obvious one is that non-monogamy is like anal sex.

Cybersex , it seems, might just be in the eye of the beholder.

But while Kari might be the most advanced commercially available artificial intelligence pleasure model online, if I walked in on a boyfriend having an 8-bit roll in the hay with her, I'd be fighting the urge to laugh, not the urge to throw dishes.

Some might think it's kinda hot, or even a new sex toy for the couple to share and add to the buffet of sexual activities the couple already enjoys.

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The difficulty in cybersex and monogamy, besides explaining sticky keyboards, is knowing when a line's been crossed.

She occasionally engages in cybersex with multiple partners on her own, and sometimes the couple has a cyber "threesome." The techno-poly couple is upfront that the status of their relationship is non-monogamous , but I still wondered how this nouveau poly arrangement negotiated the murky waters of cybersex and infidelity.

Lumpesse explains, "Cheating is an interesting question.

But that cybersex often involves another human gives it a twist; walking in on a boyfriend with an actual human female on the other side of the screen, having a hot and heavy text or cam session -- I don't need to consult our To S to know that wouldn't feel good, at all. It may even feel 'real' for one person in the encounter, and not for the other person with whom they are having cybersex.

But if it's really just masturbation, then is cybersex "real" sex? On the other hand, you may have two people having cybersex where neither of them considers it 'real,' despite arousal, a feeling of intimacy, and even mutual orgasm -- and yet their real-life partners may beg to differ." Kolmes adds, "But it's fascinating that two people can be having an experience and one person may compartmentalize it in a way that feels 'not real,' while the other person is feeling much more integrated about it." For Ellie Lumpesse, (, it's sex all right -- and thank goodness, because that's what she and her committed, live-in boyfriend of three years are openly looking for.

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