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Paolo Di Lazzaro and Daniele Murra am to am Numismatic dating of the Turin Shroud through the analysis of Byzantine coins, 45 min.Giulio Fanti pm to pm Hypothesis of face-cloth wrapping of the Turin Shroud Man: experimental and numerical results, 5 min.

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Mario Latendresse pm to pm Dinner (90 minutes) pm to pm The Shroud of Turin and the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris, 45 min.

Alfonso Caccese, Emanuela Marinelli, Laura Provera, and Domenico Repice pm to pm Lunch (85 minutes) pm to pm Who Saw the Mandylion and What was its Size? Mario Latendresse pm to pm Geoffrey de Charny's Acquisition of the Shroud of Turin: Texts, Fictions, and Forgeries, 60 min.

Jack Markwardt pm to pm Break (15 minutes) pm to pm The Holy Shroud and Othon de La Roche: notes for a working hypothesis on the “Missing Years” (1204-1356), 35 min.

Video recordings of interviews with the researchers were made throughout the four days of the conference to make three documentaries on the Shroud.

This included a documentary to be shown on TV in China in Mandarin, a documentary in English, and a video of a presentation on the Shroud in Arabic.

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