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Transform your motivation: reduce craving and find your soul's desire. Cultivate emotional wisdom: heal your heart and learn to love.

Higher accomplishments require leadership, powers, and positive influence. These are the ten arms and legs of the radiant body of the Bodhisattva, Whose heart is Bodhicitta, selfless love and compassion.""1.

Ethics involves virtue, integrity, and self-discipline. Patience requires resilience, acceptance, and fortitude. Transcendental wisdom includes discernment and self-knowledge. Skillful means arise from resourcefulness and imagination.

Le jeu se présente comme un jeu de sexe aventure en ligne …

This edition of #Helix is the holy grail for our twink fans!

Taking Care of Your Body (Acting Like a Happy Person) 15. Generosity: charity, kind-hearted giving, altruism, unattached generosity, boundless openness, unconditional love (Dana) . Virtue: ethics, morality, self-discipline, not harming, proper conduct, impeccability (Sila). Patience: tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance (Kshanti). Connect to Others, socialize, maintain friendships.

Awareness, Cultivating Mindfulness, Thrive with True Knowledge""1. Energy: diligence, courage, enthusiasm, vigor, effort (Virya). Meditation: absorption, concentration, presence of mind, contemplation (Dhyana). Wisdom: transcendental wisdom, mystical insight, enlightenment (Prajna)." "1. Maintain Autonomy: a feeling of independence and a sense of being in control. Self-Esteem: a function of how you perceive others view you. Competence: relates to how effective you feel you are. Purpose: fulfillment and meaning throughout your life. Connection to Your Body: vital to our complete sense of self Exercise, mind/body arts, pampering, wholesome food, rest, relaxation. Connection to Nature: its permanence, its beauty and power. Spirituality: a powerful weapon against depression." 1.

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