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Yuta Aoki is a Japanese author, blogger and You Tuber.He writes about Japanese culture, inter-cultural communication, dating, and travel.The second semester in France, I took a Portuguese class because I wanted understand the lyrics of Brazilian songs.By that time, I was regularly going to a local Brazilian party. I tried to figure out their steps, but it was too complicated to follow. My friend told me the style of the music and the dance was called Salsa.I’d always been fond of doing something different from everybody else.

I also realised I was quite ignorant about the world.I asked my Brazilian friends a very dumb question: what language do Brazilians speak? Later, I found out that Portuguese was a romance language like French, which made me curious about the language.One day, my Brazilian friends took to me to a mini-carnival parade in Lyon. As soon as I heard them, I fell in love with Brazilian music.I didn’t have many friends in school, if I had friends at all. I was interested in modern philosophy, traditional music around the world, travelling, etc. I would listen to her day and night, and I developed a strong interest in French.I was always reading books, sometimes during classes. A lot of people talked to me: restaurant owners, juice sellers, passengers on the train, guests at hotels, random people on the street – everyone was curious about me. But I was hesitant to learn a new language because I knew it would take a long time. When I decided to go to university, the first thing I thought about was the study abroad programme.

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