Geek 2 geek dating reviews

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This is exactly what you’ll find at, the site once known as Geek 2 Geek.The name might have changed, but the concept is the same, this is a site that is very similar to mainstream dating sites, but it puts an emphasis on nerds.Cartoons have always drawn interest from nerds and geeks, and so the geek community has always loved Disney. Now Disney isn’t just about Mickey and the Lion King; it’s also home to Marvel Comics and Star Wars.Now people looking for Cinderella, Black Widow, or Princess Leia can all come together at Mouse Mingle, the dating site built around Disney.Still, it’s worth the investment if it might lead to your dream Honeymoon at Disneyland.No matter what you’re passionate about you can find someone who shares your interests at Nerd Passions.

The large population and range of features offered by Geek2Geek comes at a price.Still, none of the options are terribly cheap, so take some time to browse the members and the features to make sure they look worthwhile before taking the plunge.In the end, if you feel confident you can find love then even a month is a small price to play! Star Trek is one of the most well-established sci-fi brands in the world, and its fans are some of the most passionate.The site is one of the pricier options on the market.If you want to try out the site for just one month, you will have to pay .

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