Cwtch dating

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We had Eric Burdon singing while Georgie Fame and Zoot Money were blasting away at the same keyboard.

We did a session with Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran and they got together on stage and jammed for 10 or 15 minutes, which was great.

We were locked in the plane and Ringo was standing at the door, making us laugh by saying ‘Beatles and children first.’ There was only a modicum of security and eventually the kids were cleared from the plane and we were allowed out.” The advent of Radio 1 in 1967 effectively killed , although it did keep going for a year with Keith Skues as the presenter.

Matthew worked on several programmes, often for the World Service, and for Radio 2.

In October 1958, the programme was expanded to the two-hour as an opportunity to include as much live music as possible, most of it being recorded during the week at the Playhouse Theatre on the Embankment.

Matthew regarded this as a considerable advantage: “We could do things that couldn’t be done on commercial records because of contractual obligations.

Our engineer came out of the control cubicle onto a balcony overlooking the theatre and said, ‘Wonderful, wonderful, but was I supposed to record that?

Some are no more than dirt strips with a couple of buildings.

There was a gang of kids to meet the Beatles and they not only surrounded the plane, they climbed on to it.

They were on the wings, flicking cigarette butts around, and it was terribly dangerous.

At different times, he presented both the drive-time show, , by Bert Weedon.

During all this time, Matthew and his wife were involved in plays and theatrical events, and even had a 50 seat theatre at their home.

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