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The M1895 was also the last of the lever-action rifles to be designed by John Browning, and featured a rear locking bolt as in his previous designs dating back to the Winchester 1886.

The M1895 is the strongest lever-action rifle Winchester has produced, designed to handle the increased pressures generated by the more powerful smokeless powder cartridges entering common use at the time of its introduction.

The buttons and collar rank insignia have been highlighted in gold by the… Vignette bust view in left profile of Hooker wearing a dark double-breasted frock coat with brigadier general’s shoulder straps. This photograph of Abraham Lincoln was produced by King V. CDV is a chest-up view of Samuel Paine of the 2nd Maine Artillery. CDV is a full standing view of Severn Teackle Wallis. He is wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder boards, a sash, and dark colored trousers. CDV shows a very young Lieutenant leaning against what looks to be a stairwell railing. This image was taken at Culpepper, Virginia in 1863. The 5th New York Artillery Regimental Flag, reconstructed. Only two specimens are known to exist, one located in the collection at the National Park Service museum here in Gettysburg and this newly found example shown here.

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Waist up engraving of James Buchanan in a dark civilian suit with a white shirt and high collar. He wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with brush epaulettes and matching dark trousers with a thin light leg stripe. Vignette bust view showing Franklin in right profile. Image shows Crittenden with shorter hair than is normally seen. Barney sated in front of a painted backdrop of a veranda. Carbine is a Civil War Model 1859 Sharps made by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. He is wearing a dark colored civilian frock coat, vest, white shirt and cravat. Image shows Henry Webert standing in the classic Napoleonic pose with one hand in his coat. The regiment was federalized three times during the war. Drum sticks are accompanied by a CDV of Mills, original newspaper article from the Newbern Progess dated June 14, 1862 regarding the presentation, and a lot of documents including GAR certificates for… This large group of images of members of the famous 7th New York National Guard. A magnificent and unique Marine Mamaluke of regulation pattern but with the ability to add…His legs are crossed and one arm rests on the table. Period ink inscription on the back reads "Captain Thos. This framed piece is a rather eclectic mix of items related to Gettysburg in general and 2nd Lt. Oval breast portrait of young soldier clad in kepi, checked shirt, and sack coat [one… Image shows Fuller wearing a dark frock coat and a small bowtie. The first item is an eagle masthead discharge filled out to… He is wearing an officers frock coat and the shoulder boards are visible. Oblong silver badge w/horizontal bar pin, measuring 1.625" in width, .5" in height; bearing the following inscription: "U. This artifact is an unusual Civil War drinking cup produced in France and constructed from a single circular piece of black bridle leather. Here is a very handsome and inscribed, original Model 1850 Officer's Staff and Field imported sword complete with its original metal scabbard. Penned on the bottom is Very RESPECTFULLY YOURS JAS.

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