Free midget erotik dating

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It's a fact that these are not often found on petite women, and look strange if they are.

Even the smaller women I've dated had large breast. As for whether some women like fat men, I think the answer is "not really." Some women like a bigger man like me, but not somebody who's so fat he can't see his dick when he pees. For that matter, why are some people attracted to men, and some people attracted to women, and some don't discriminate?

Maybe the thinking of these women is that 1) a small person obviously has some kind of genetic abnormality and 2) a obese man is "weak" (as seen in our society, as in "no willpower") and either couldn't provide or would, again, pass along inferior genes.

I'm not saying I believe these things - just trying to give some kind of answer.

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Some would argue that little people and the morbidly obese suffer from disabilities and/or disorders, and that they are not simply "little" and "big" people.I'm just a regular guy like any other, wringing my hands with anxiety over midgets.I think its healthy and admirable that you consider yourself normal.[/B] Despite my Nelson Algren SDMB handle, I'm not short, and neither have I dated little people or the morbidly obese.I thought that it would be fun to post a completely off-the-wall question for debate, but the only three posts so far (that weren't written by me) seem more concerned with me than with my question. You may imagine that I'm obsessed with these topics, but you seem obsessed with me.

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