5 principles of relative dating

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This is not only a revolutionary thing to do, it is politically stupid.It was not in the Tory manifesto; actual conservatives will hate it.Austin says that his isochron age is the result of a "" (1992, p. In other words, Austin claims that he has produced a seemingly reliable isochron age which must necessarily be wrong, and therefore the Rb-Sr isochron dating method, which is considered to be among the more reliable of radiometric dating methods, must be considered suspect.The ICR's Grand Canyon Dating Project does not strike a telling blow against the reliability of isochron dating.

However, this sampling technique was known by mainstream geologists to behave in this manner long before Austin published on the topic, and this behavior is often intentionally used by geologists.The Cenozoic flows sampled by ICR thus are claimed to yield an age which is about 200 million years older than the Cardenas Basalt.But the Cardenas Basalt cannot be younger than the plateau flows, due to the geological relationships discussed in the first section of this document.Besides, this line of argument does not address the fact that the result is a known and expected behavior of isochrons.As discussed above, whole-rock samples of multiple flows yields the time since their common source was isotopically homogeneous.

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