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How did that approach come into it, and was it something you all wanted from the get-go? PALTROW: Also, a bit of a difference is we’ve all been there. ALBA: But I don’t think it serves any minority or underrepresented group to be coddled. So I actually believe in tough love, hard truths, black and white.ALBA: That’s that Hollywood thing that we wouldn’t do. We’ve all done our version of that pitch, so we all genuinely understand what it is to be in that position and understand the balls that it takes to have an idea, articulate the idea, and say, “Does anybody want to get behind me? There’s so many ups and downs, and there’s so many pieces to trying to build a business, and if the intention isn’t very, very clear and the business isn’t reflecting that intention, then it makes it much harder. As you mentioned, representation is an issue that comes up a lot in tech. So really, the people that we chose are people we just felt a connection to, a genuine connection to.So, it was really a way to celebrate content, creativity, entrepreneurship, and I felt there was a lot of kinship between the DNA of the show, which was to find someone great and amplify what they’re doing, to the DNA of Goop.

The first episode will be available for free on and i Tunes, and the remainder of the episodes will be available exclusively on Apple Music each week on Tuesday evenings.It was really fun, and actually from that, Jimmy ended up investing in my company, so I was like this is a win-win no matter what. I was very interested in the idea that the whole thing could happen end-to-end under the Apple umbrella — that it could be sort of contained within their ecosystem, that there was a real privacy element to it.And control, from a supply chain kind of all the way from the beginning to the end, and that there weren’t going to be commercials.If you are still wondering on this note, then take help of the examples presented in this article.Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are adding another hyphen to their resumes.

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