Dating an iranian woman

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For years, Iranian authorities refused to do anything about their country’s drinking problem and tried to cover it up instead.

As a result, the problem became worse because many alcoholics couldn’t find treatment.

They have been inspired by Western ideals, and their morality has mostly been influenced by Western culture.

If the younger people of Iran continue to think and behave as they do now, there might be a power shift in the future.

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However, before the Shah was removed from power, Iranian culture was quite progressive and Westernized.

with the guts to tell the truth these Zionist-censoring days, is Muslim President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And although the Iranian President boldly told the UN Assembly last week that “9-11 Was An Inside Job,” the American delegation and all of its European puppets walked out on the truth-teller, calling his proven statements “hateful and offensive.” Why?

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