Whos dating vin diesel Cam adult my broadcast man

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832: We secretly wish that we could rock out in our eighties hair-band t-shirt and ripped jeans sometimes too. We'll love it even more if we don't have to watch you scrutinize the bill for a half-hour. 890: We prefer that you never use the word "bang" when referring to sex. 980: We appreciate when you can admit you're wrong, but we also don't want you to say sorry too much. 419: Stop worrying about why we take so long in the bathroom. High-speed chases only impress us when they involve Vin Diesel. 168: We remember every detail about a relationship. If we order steak and dessert, we'll probably just have you afterward. 803: We love it when you go out and have fun with your guy friends, but stories involving not remembering your night tend to be boring. 861: Sometimes wingmen can do more harm than good, so be brave: do it alone. 755: Though it may be cool that you saved all that time and money by going to Supercuts, we may not touch you for two weeks. Cassie Rodenberg, 22, Charleston, South Carolina No. It's those little ideas you come up with completely on your own that score points. People would start to talk if we wore the same dress every time. 237: If we only order a salad at a four-star restaurant, chances are there's a bag of chips and some leftover Chinese waiting for us at home. 546: These days, with Facebook, chances are we know your favorite band well before our first drink with you. 673: Even we know this: The craziest girls are the ones who seem the most normal at first. 737: Surprise field trips are the best, even if it's "guy stuff." If we roll our eyes, it doesn't mean we don't love the effort. 699: We say we love scary movies so we can cuddle up to you. 595: Just because a model wore super-skinny jeans with pointy leather shoes and a plaid blazer doesn't mean that the ensemble is appropriate date attire for you. 880: If you call the movies "the cinema," we will only laugh. For instance, a one-word response means you're not interested.

Don't choose an XL because it's the first thing you found. Cassie Rodenberg, 22, Charleston, South Carolina No. 95: The way we feel about your kisses on the back of our necks: Think ice cream in August. What we never want is for you to ask us if we want dessert. 614: No matter how much we love you we will never care what level you've gotten to in Call of Duty. 292: Sometimes we just wear nice clothes and makeup for no other reason than to look good. 404: Under no circumstance, besides enlistment in the Army, will we find cargo pants an acceptable choice. 368: Don't be surprised that we have condoms in our top dresser drawer. 663: If we just met you and we're making out on the dance floor, chances are it wasn't your dance moves that got you this lucky. 687: Sometimes we rely on your mother to say what we've been thinking. 720: Always assume that what we contain in our purses is very necessary. 857: We like it when you take your fashion advice, but not your fidelity advice, from Don Draper. 772: Men don't realize that women notice everything. 973: The most important error most of you make when trying to figure us out is in thinking of us as mysterious, unknowable creatures who adhere to some cabalistic set of Girl Rules. 756: If you want your beer to be cold all the time, get a mini-fridge; don't let it take up too much room in our fridge. 535: We prefer an arm around us to holding hands pretty much any day. 419: We would also love to skip Sunday brunch with eighty-five family members in favor of sitting on the couch in our sweats watching reruns of The A-Team. 380: You aren't the only gender that can appreciate a big booty.

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