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All user requests that arrive via Saudi internet service providers (ISPs) travel through these servers, where they can be filtered and possibly blocked.

International internet bandwidth increased from 318 Gbps in 2010 to 1321 Gbps in 2014.

Young Saudis make up the majority of the user population throughout the country.

Saudi Arabia is home to around 20 million internet users.

The CITC is also responsible for controlling the price that telecommunications companies are allowed to charge for cross-network calls.

For example, in February 2015, the maximum charge of local voice calls between different networks was lowered.

For example, access to Wikipedia is provided free of charge by STC to all of its mobile data users, Internet cafes, once prevalent, have become less popular in recent years due to the broad availability and affordability of home broadband access.

Internet cafes are mainly used by youth from lower socio-economic backgrounds to congregate and socialize.

Monthly expenditure on 4G broadband ranged from between SAR 55 (US) for a 2GB allowance to SAR 95 (US) for a 20GB allowance.

Established in 1998 and reporting directly to the Vice President for Scientific Research Support of KACST, the ISU now only provides internet access to government departments, as well as Saudi research and academic institutions.

In 2003, the governmental Saudi Communication Commission was renamed to become the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) and became responsible for providing internet access to the private sector, in addition to resolving conflicts among the private telecommunication companies.

Saudi Arabia is connected to the internet through two country-level data services providers, the Integrated Telecom Company and Bayanat al-Oula for Network Services, up from a single gateway in years past.

These servers, which contain a long list of blocked sites, are placed between the state-owned internet backbone and global servers.

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